Stitch Fix #19 (The Trendy Fix) Review

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It’s August, guys! And, boy, did I get one awesome Fix! We are on a bit of a budget crunch this month, so I had to limit how many items I kept this time! This Fix, I asked my awesome stylist, Lauren, for summer trends. Some examples I gave her in my note were off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder styles. Lauren sent me some really great options! This ended up being an all tops Fix! As always, if you are new to Stitch Fix, you can click here to see more about their services! Now, let’s see what I got!!

Renee C Alecto Halter Top in Orange ($44) Status:RETURNED 


This top is so cute and comfortable!! The colors and the print are so vibrant and fun! The only reason why I didn’t keep this one is because of that budget word! I already decided I was only keeping 1 item, so I had to send this one back. The “halter” neckline is very flattering as well.

Raga Emoni Cold Shoulder Blouse in Purple ($58) Status: Returned…sadly


I was so incredibly torn. This top is so cute and even cuter on! The cold shoulder style is totally one I can get with! This is a very good transitional top for the Fall. This top would have been my keeper….if Lauren wouldn’t have sent me one of my “unicorns!” I promise, I will get to that in just a minute!

BRIXON IVY Maloof Crochet Top in Navy ($64) Status: Returned


This top was very beautiful! The details on this one are so well done! My main concern with this top is its weight. It is notably heavy. I actually could feel how heavy this top is when I was wearing it. I have to move a lot when I teach, so this wasn’t a great option for me. So, back it went!

41Hawthorn Adken Choker Detail Silk Blouse in Navy ($78) Status: Returned


Soft is an understatement! Soft…so soft…and so…expensive. Now, this top is silk. So, it makes sense that it costs more than the other tops. I had to just look away and put this one back to be returned! I love the choker detail of the neckline! This one is great for date night!

…and drum roll please!!!!

Papermoon Violeta Scallop Detail Blouse in Black ($44) Status: NO QUESTIONS ASKED! MINE!

IMG_3129 IMG_3130

So when your stylist sends you your “unicorn,” you don’t send it back! Speaking of the word back, do you see the back of this top?! Talk about party in the back! I am all about color, but I really appreciate the fact that this top is black. It can be worn multiple ways, with multiple items! I am so glad it fit!!

So, my “trendy” Fix was just a 1/5, but not due to styling. Gosh, I hate budgets! I am always glad to get something I love that I can add to my closet and get great wear out of! Thank you Lauren and Stitch Fix for another great month full of fun, clothes, and really bad pictures!

Happy styling,



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